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Event Details

2nd Annual Zombie Chase for Charity &

DOG Walk Costume Contest


Proceeds will go to buy Thanksgiving Dinners for those in need and to help feed the animals at Four Paws Rescue!


Humans: Make it to the finish line before getting your flag pulled. 

Zombies: Pull a Human's flag before finish line!

Dogs: Wear the BEST COSTUME ever and be go down in history as the coolest dog EVER!

Note: If 2 people want to be with 1 dog, both participants, walking or running, will both need to sign up. THANKS!


Saturday, October 26th: Humans flee at 10a & Zombies pursue at 10:01a

. Check-in and Day of Registration begins at 8:30a.


USU Cross Country Course, 825 E 1400 N


Anyone and everyone! Invite all to come - young, old, human, zombie, new dog, old dog, big dog, lil' dog.

Event Description

The "Undead" will register as "Zombies."

The "Living" will register as "Human."

Sponsors/PRIZES Cold Stone, Pita Pit, Buffalot Wild Wings, Blue Bird Inn, Heritage Auto Group, Fisher Home Furnishings, and more!)


Lap Dog Walk to show off the FUN, CRAZY, and AMAZING DOG costumes!

Rules of the Race:

Be nice. Be smart. Run hard!

Remember this is for charity and is NOT real!

You are not really a zombie (or really being chased by a zombie!)


No physical contact (such as but not limited to grabbing clothing or hair, tripping, pushing, pulling, hitting, or anything like unto it) is allowed with other racers whether or not they are part of the flag tag game, volunteers, spectators, race officials, the announcer, etc.

Humans: once your flag is pulled you may not try and take it back.

Those with their flag left will be in the “Elite Cardio” drawing.

Those without a flag will be in the “Barely Breathing” drawing.

Zombies: you may only pull flags after you have begun the race and before you finish.

Those Zombies with a flag will be in the “Zealous Zombie” drawing.


$15 if you pre-register on or before Fri Oct 25th!

$20 for everyone day of the event!

You can get a shirt, it will be an additional $10 and will have to be PICKED UP about 2 weeks after the race.

(First 75 to pre-register will get their shirt on race day for free.)

It's for some great causes, so feel free to DONATE extra! THANK YOU!

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Attendee List

Name Name Name
Connor Johnson (Raised $0.00) Chris Pettigrew (Raised $0.00) Daniel Coleman (Raised $0.00)
Jodie Coleman (Raised $0.00) Corde Stevenson (Raised $0.00) McKenzie Arnold (Raised $0.00)
Jamie Niedrich (Raised $0.00) Brandon Davis (Raised $0.00) Kourtnee Davis (Raised $0.00)
Cambria Beebe (Raised $0.00) Krystal Hooper (Raised $0.00) Jordan Christensen (Raised $0.00)
Kathy Higbee (Raised $0.00) Breana Fausett (Raised $0.00) Jessica Broadhead (Raised $0.00)
Camyll Baird (Raised $0.00) Townsen Kennington (Raised $0.00) Lisa Kikkert (Raised $0.00)
Mark Webb (Raised $0.00) Cherie Mockli (Raised $0.00) Amy Hubbard (Raised $0.00)
Paige Brown (Raised $0.00) Robin Williams (Raised $0.00) Rachel Williams (Raised $0.00)
Shannon Syrstad (Raised $0.00) Ciara Connors (Raised $0.00) Jake Andersen (Raised $0.00)
Spencer Pugmire (Raised $0.00) Lisa Vincent (Raised $0.00) Anna McEvoy (Raised $0.00)
Adam Fisher (Raised $0.00) Ben Call (Raised $0.00) BJ Fullmer (Raised $0.00)
Heidi Bullough (Raised $0.00) Mitchell Bullough (Raised $0.00) Morgan Jackman (Raised $0.00)
Dan Clement (Raised $0.00) Kyle Niedrich (Raised $0.00) Dawsey Robins (Raised $0.00)
Jody Robins (Raised $0.00) Ben Vera (Raised $0.00) Cuyler Clifton (Raised $0.00)
Charles Johnson (Raised $0.00) Whitney Schulte (Raised $0.00) Erica Gordon (Raised $0.00)
Angela Rosier (Raised $0.00) Lance Hendricks` (Raised $0.00) Sid Hendricks (Raised $0.00)
Liz Hendricks (Raised $0.00) Carol Hendricks (Raised $0.00) Navid Zolghadri (Raised $0.00)
Stephanie Davidson (Raised $0.00) Taylor Cummins (Raised $0.00) Lynda Hawkes (Raised $0.00)
Chad Hawkes (Raised $0.00) Dakota Heninger (Raised $0.00) Michael Morrey (Raised $0.00)
Daniel Wray (Raised $0.00) Shane Hayes (Raised $0.00) Jessica Hayes (Raised $0.00)
Emily Bassett (Raised $0.00) Jeremy Collier (Raised $0.00) Katie Larsen (Raised $0.00)
Omaira Sosa-Chang (Raised $0.00) Tara Thomas (Raised $0.00) Alyssa Taylor (Raised $0.00)
Rachel Heaton (Raised $0.00) Tiffiny Duke (Raised $0.00) Matt Bentley (Raised $0.00)
Branson Sharp (Raised $0.00) Delsa Bentley (Raised $0.00) Dean Bentley (Raised $0.00)
Shauna Sharp (Raised $0.00) Bob Marabella (Raised $0.00) Davin Waters (Raised $0.00)
Jake Seely (Raised $0.00) Ella Seely (Raised $0.00) Ashley Weeks (Raised $0.00)
Jaisha Richardson (Raised $0.00) Kiera Weeks (Raised $0.00) Suzi Barrett (Raised $0.00)